Magic, Mystery and Me


The Galle Fort is a visual metaphor for Sri Lankan history. Ancient Sri Lankan culture collides with colonial architecture in ways that can only be described as mystical. It is why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a favourite among tourists coming to Sri Lanka, today and in days past. This magic and mystery is what Galle means to me.

I am Shanjei, a former advertising executive from Colombo. A year ago, I quit my job because a)I was intrigued by this magic and mystery Galle Fort had to offer, and b)because I didn’t want to be confined to the concrete jungle of Colombo. Being the kind of inquisitive person that I am, I chased this mystique obsessively – so much so that I decided to become a Tour Guide to the fort for people like you. Yes, you.

©Shanjei Malraj Perumal

If you like your tours to be interactive, fun and decidedly less history and more story then I am the person you are looking for. Want to learn more about the little nooks and crannies that make Galle Fort less a fort and more a home for its many residents? What about the many cultures that mingle seamlessly within the fort’s confines? Its people?

Then get in touch.

Let me help you decode the magic and the mystery of Galle Fort.

23 thoughts on “Magic, Mystery and Me

  1. Sanjaka

    A Lovely energetic outwardly helpful bearded charasmatic bloke is Shanjei Malraj Perumal . Eagerly looking forward to an interestingly unique tour of the great historic Galle fort \m/


  2. ninastravel2

    I had a really nice experience in the Galle Fort thanks to Shanjei!
    The tour was really interesting and all the anecdotes and interesting facts makes it interactive and memorable!
    Thanks also for the good advice for places to have food and drinks!


  3. Marianne

    History is so much more interesting coming from someone with the passion to tell the stories and the desire to uncover them. I really enjoyed your dynamic tour of Galle Fort and the way you connect the stories of the past with the today…Not to mention hearing about a few present-day stories developing within the fort walls. Thanks for a great day!


  4. Esther and Tom

    Thank you so much for a wonderful tour today Shanjei – we had an excellent time. We loved your mix of history, humour and story telling.


  5. Jonathan Bellamy

    What a fantastic experience, Galle Fort is the most fabulous place with so much history and so many stories, Shanjei brought all of this to life, he has so much knowledge, energy, passion and love for Sri Lanka. Watch out for his questions as he gives you a test to make sure you have been listening!

    Fantastic Man, Fabulous experience and a MUST for anyone travelling to Galle.

    We will be sending all our clients to have the full Demystify Mystical Bearded Experience 🙂


  6. Disha and Amit

    Galle is packed with substantial history, charm and quaint little streets. It is a very pleasant stroll in order to explore and absorb the significance of the site.

    Our guide Shanjei gave us an insightful tour around the fort and its history. He had great in-depth knowledge with many impressive fun facts which made it a very memorable experience. I would suggest contacting him when you’re in Galle for an outstanding and delightful walking tour. A must visit when you are in Sri Lanka.


  7. Dilsiri Welikala

    Amazing energy. I loved every bit of the tour. I am happy to hear that there are more varieties for next time. Oh, go have a beer with him at the local tavern. Lots of insight and fun.


  8. rolandrock1

    We had a great time with Shanjei!
    Thanks for the great tour 🙂

    Funny, behind the scenes and a perfect mix of history, culture and people!


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