What they say

  • Think of Shanjei Perumal, who left his career as an ad exec in Colombo to start Galle Fort Walks, less as a guide and more as your quirky Sri Lankan BFF. He’ll be at your side as you meander through the streets, always ready with a fun fact or hilarious story that somehow involves his mother. He’ll spill centuries worth of Galle’s secrets

    Conde Nast International

  • This unique tour of the Galle Fort – including Shanjei’s pop-culture-friendly explanation of colonialism – is the perfect introduction to local history and culture. Shanjei tailors his tours to guests’ desires, with everything from architecture to street food becoming the focus of a stroll through Sri Lanka’s most charming city


  • That’s the difference. Shanjei wasn’t reading from a script. He wasn’t going through the motions. He was engaging, he was listening, and he was reacting. That’s what makes a great tour guide.